two tenacious tracks seeded in seventies power pop aligned to progressive rock enterprise

There is something about nostalgia at times which is like honey on the tongue or in the case of music, manna for the senses. In regard to the latter, Digital Age, the new single from UK duo Vix 20 is a lively example. Offering two tenacious tracks seeded in seventies power pop aligned to progressive rock enterprise, the debut encounter with CJ and Mills is a rousing invitation getting body and spirit bouncing.

Though we use the word nostalgia, there is plenty about Digital Age and its companion, Angel on My Jet Ski, which is borne of the now. In character though, the single romps along like a fusion of The Rubinoos and The Records with the imaginative touch of Cheap Trick and the instinctive catchiness of a Tonight or The Knack involved.

Digital Age leaps from a digital connection with boisterous riffs and tenacious rhythms, vocals soon adding their equally spirited energy and swing. Lyrically sparking thoughts of times past in the face of modern technology and the mind-sets it breeds, the song also reveals an underlining punch to the kinetic sounds strolling around vocals. Familiarity to the genres previously mentioned makes the song almost like an old friend but its modern day spikiness, if held on reins, allows it to easily sit in the now.

Alongside, Angel on My Jet Ski reveals a heavier rock tone and touch without losing its natural animated pop prowess. There is a tinge of Golden Earring to the song at times aligned to those artists mentioned earlier whilst its progressive rock tendencies simply adds another vibrant hue to its inescapably infectious presence.

Together, both songs reveal a broad palette to the Vix 20 sound holding hues to contagious times past amidst new adventure; they also just make one want to dance which is never something to ignore.

Digital Age is out now on iTunes, Spotify, and limited physical release from Hotwerk records