New single announced 16.8.19

Bios?…sigh…One of the many things Mills and CJ haven’t missed during hiatus from the ‘music biz’.

Usually a band would flash their pedigree and tell you about all the incredible things members of Vix 20 achieved during their years in music.  They might regale you with stories of rock n roll decadence, tours and air miles…from Rick Wakeman on a beach to L.A. Reid in NYC, not to mention becoming Dutch Rock Heroes…but you don’t need that sales pitch and you probably wouldn’t believe them anyway.

And so it was that 25 years after forming their first band at school and a decade spent apart sheltering from industry BS, CJ and Mills accidentally started making music again…strictly for fun…right?

Sure…right up until Mills went and arranged the commercial release of ‘Digital Age’.  This has made CJ very angry,  Mills thinks it will be fine.

The sound? Debut single ‘Digital Age’ sits on the progressive pop punk shelf; while other tracks on the album range from alternative to progressive rock back to punk.

2019 looks like a busy year for Vix 20.