New single - Orla The Octopus

We here at Vix20 are proud to release our latest single 'Orla The Octopus'. A hyperbolic biography of a tricky day at the beach.  Dive in.


New single - Orla The Octopus

Vix20 release their new opus 'Orla The Octopus' on September 24th.  It's like nothing you've heard before.  Come party beneath the waves with us.

The Vix Essentials Podcast

How very modern.  The boys from Vix have their own podcast.  Bringing you jocular ramblings, the best of indie music and a few classics for good measure.  Tune in on mixcloud or listen here.


Tron Takes The Train - REMIX

Vix 20 swap their punky guitars for synths for Tron Takes The Train. Unashamedly influenced by the electronic synthpop sounds of the early 80s, Vix 20 demonstrate that at the core of everything they do is a knack for a strong, melodic, smart pop music.

Originally released early in 2020 on Goosewing Music, Tron Takes The Train returns this time on Hottwerk, and with remixes; Allan McIntyre straps in for an 8 minute hi-NRG workout, upping the tempo and maximising the wild 80s dancefloor abandon... whilst Greg May draws from a slightly different 80s influence for his "Human Race" remix, with shades of electro. And a downbeat, cinematic lofi rework from Spatial Awareness completes the package.

This is a strictly limited edition CD only release of 100 hand numbered albums, available to order exclusively right HEREHypeddit HERE


New single - Broken Melody

Drop your whole stash and come with Vix20 on a downbeat, trippy, rampage though the park.  Out March 5th 2021.

New single - Try Again

Like a ton of jazzy bricks the boys at Vix20 drop a slice of '90s heavy rock' for your entertainment pleasure.  Out July 17th, all chunky guitars and swing.  Dive in to the video below and spend 3.30 in another realm.

Tron Takes The Train

Surprising everyone...including ourselves, we at Vix20 have released the synth-wave smash 'Tron Takes The Train'.  All classic synth noise, 16bit beeps and robot vocals; this track pays homage to the Motorola 68000.  This track features on the new 'Future City' Minecraft map from the amazing Nether Pixel Studios

Tron Takes The Train Preview

New Track 'Tron Takes The Train' Coming soon

In a departure from our usual mode (Mills put the demo in the wild and due to popular demand it ended up being a thing)  Vix20 will be offering up some synthwave in the next month or so.  Incidentally this track features in the astounding new Minecraft map  soon to be available from Microsoft by way of NetherPixel studios.   The full track will be available from Hotwerk records

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